Kathryn Ashill

Gentle Girl

LLAWN02, hosted by Llandudno Museum and Mostyn Gallery


Rich Man.

Poor Man

Tall Man.

Short Man.

Broad Man.

Thin Man.

Lame Man.

Blind Man.

Deaf Man.

Strong Man.

Weak Man.



Gentle Girl is a performative response to the drawings and pictorial dictionary of Eliza Pugh.

Eliza was taught at home, long before education for deaf children was compulsory. Offering an insight into life in North West Wales at that time, she produced a beautiful pictorial dictionary of images as a tool for learning and communication. The book is of great importance and is normally kept at the National Library in Aberystwyth.

Kathryn facilitated workshops to produce large-scale versions of Eliza's unique drawings- a puking man, a volcano and sphinx flank the performers who move through sign language of twelve of her drawings.

This film was created as part of a residency at Llandudno Museum where an exhibition of her book (Degrees of Silence) was held in September 2014. The residency formed part of the LLAWN02 festival.

Many thanks to Charlotte Mundy, Kerry Scanlon and Angharad Stockwell for performing.


Thanks to the Arts Council of Wales, LLAWN02, Marc Rees and Mostyn Gallery for all their help in supporting the work.



Filmmaker: Pete Telfer


© Kathryn Ashill 2019