Kathryn Ashill

A Lament For Johanna

2014.Le Murate Pac, Florence. Italy


Video of live performance projected onto installation.


Performance duration: 30 mins


Dressed in my fanciest gown, I climbed into an understated fountain in the courtyard of a former prison turned arts centre in the heart of Florence. Held to her face are streams of glittery tears. Sad, popular love songs are looped and sung as a lament for the sad history of Joanna de Medicci and the former inmates of the old prison.


This work focus's on tragedy through the use of the fountain and running water as an act of memorial.


Video documentation and Installation


This work was created in response to the history of the iconic landmark of Florence; the Fountain omountain of. Commissioned in 1565 to mark the wedding of Francesco I de Medicci to Johanna of Austria, this water feature is a tragic reminder of their unhappy marriage.


Ashill facilitated a public workshop with students from the Florence School of Art to create a large scale cardboard mock up of the Fountain of Neptune. This was installed in the gallery space at Le Murate Pac as part of an exhibition of public art work.


This residency was hosted by C.A.A.P.O and Spazi Docille, both artist led initiatives that deal with challenging art work in the public realm.




Film credit and photo credit: C.A.A.P.O


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