Mamma Maggot 

2022 Swansea University

Mamma Maggot is a performance to film, created to establish the third and final chapter of my thesis. The Mamma Maggot film and the imagery was guided by the interview I conducted with Professor Yamni Nigam at Swansea University in January of 2022. This performance to film expands my research on embodied scientific practices in an interspecies lab setting and the role of the mascot in performance. Professor Yamni Nigam is a leading expert in maggot therapy and runs a maggot lab at the university. 

This work forms a significant part of chapter 3 of my thesis, and my practice based PhD at The University of Manchester and part of the Multispecies Project from the Centre for the History of Science, Medicene and Technology. Collaboratively supervised by CHSTM and the Drama Department. Funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Film Credit: Kathryn Ashill, film edited by James Ó haodha

For more information on Proff Yamni Nigams maggot project:

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